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Orca-Good 4 You
Orca-Good 4 You
Orca-Good 4 You

Orca-Good 4 You | In the moment

Orca is a unique artist. A vision impaired musician from Jerusalem, Israel, they have a guarantee on the kind of music they make. Claiming to have 400% love, 400% romance and 200% of everything in between, there’s a lot of promise here. Good 4 You is their latest release, the first of this year. Let’s dive into this track by Orca.

Good 4 You does not take the same path as winters blockbuster track. It doesn’t even share the passive-aggressive energy of Olivia Rodrigo’s track. With genuine emotion, Orca creates a danceable, club dance floor pumping number. Not spending too many hours on the lyrics, its the emotion that Orca focuses on diluting through the track. After a couple of bars of the chorus, we hear some verses that are all about the aura.

Orca has released around 7 singles in the last year alone. Proactively creating music, it is clear that their passion lies in music for everyone. Dominated by beat and auto tune, the tracks revive an era where dance was king and there was no strong focus on each track having some kind of story to tell. Orca creates for the moment, which is why the track is so energetic and interesting.

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