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My Fine Companions - O Daughter (Feat. Alice Kidney)
My Fine Companions - O Daughter (Feat. Alice Kidney)

My Fine Companions – O Daughter | Medieval

My Fine Companions is a Country-Folk sextet from the UK. The London-based project crafts soft and mellifluous melodies and accompany them with warm vocals and beer. Having released music for roughly five years, the group exhibits a mature understanding of their instruments. My Fine Companions has just released their latest single, O Daughter featuring Alice Kidney. O Daughter has this sort of medieval vibe going on for it. It’s a track that reminds me of the sea shanties of old. There is a looming sense of this vintage, almost archaic sense of adventure.

O Daughter is the kind of track that you may hear in the soundtrack of an escapist fantasy adventure film. Moreover, the track follows a sort of estranged conversation between a father and daughter – leaving the listener pondering on the thoughts that float about. More so, there is just something about the mandolin that creates the illusion of an old-timey tavern. Additionally, the strings and guitar just add such beautiful textures while the double bass keeps the rhythm. Additionally, the vocal work just adds to the nuances of the song with dynamism harmonically as well as melodically. Even so, the track just mixes so well together to form an enchanting experience for all involved.

My Fine Companions is the perfect kind of group to just relax with on a chilly winter evening. Being cosied up and warm by a fire just listening to O Daughter would be sublime.

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