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Jordan Jones - Break My Heart
Jordan Jones - Break My Heart

Jordan Jones – Break My Heart | Deeply Emotional

Jordan Jones is a young Canadian artist. He dabbles in the realms of R&B, Pop, Soul and Rock. Jordan is a vocalist and has fronted two separate bands as lead vocalist and lead guitarist on different occasions. Having toured Canada for the last 10 years, Jordan Jones has grown as an artist and has debuted his first single, Break My Heart. He shows an insatiable amount of maturity and experience.

Break My Heart is a mellow, R&B-driven track. With deep beats and strong 808s, he crafts a very warm atmosphere. The lyrics are probably the most Pop like element in the song. However, they explore themes of heartbreak and loss that seem to affect us all. By injecting R&B elements such as the hard beats, the minor 9th chords and raw emotion into his music, Jordan Jones has created a rather novel niche. Break My Heart is the kind of track that you would listen to when the sad emotions kick in and you really want to feel your emotions. If you’re looking for some freshness in the Pop scene then this is definitely a song you may want to check out.

Jordan Jones is a great artist. He shows a vast amount of experience in his debut single that not a lot of musicians get right off the bat. Break My Heart is only the beginning and marks a great first milestone in Jones’ career. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to the song for yourself!

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