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BlueLee, Ka$pa – Rock Stars | NYC Hip-Hop

Following the release of her 2021 single ‘Last Chance’ with NYC rapper Ka$pa, singer-songwriter, rapper and podcast host, BlueLee, is back with another merciless hip-hop track called ‘Rock Stars’. In her first release of the year, she reunites with Ka$pa on a track featuring addictive beats, enjoyable lyrics, and the rapper’s diverse flow. Known best for her tracks ‘Burn’ and ‘100% Real’, BlueLee continues to share her story of self-love and introspection on ‘Rock Stars’.

The track begins with a detuned sample melody over a rusty percussion beat that sets the groove of the track, along with some low-brass stabs. BlueLee’s verse is supported by a hard-hitting beat as the track progresses and she sings a story about her grind and experiences that accompany her ‘rock star’ days.

We are rock stars/And we don’t act hard/From so far/You showed me the other side/To never hide/Slide, slide/Forever revive”.

Following the somewhat dark, yet, passionate chorus, Ka$pa comes in with his verse and talks about the hustle in the streets of the city. His gritty vocal delivery is supported by a strong beat that glues in the well-structured instrumentation of the track; a typical hip-hop beat with catchy flows and addictive choruses! Ka$pa sure knows how to bring up the energy with his tight verses.

The final chorus of ‘Rock Stars’ plays over the deep 808 basses and has a very ‘big’ sound. Ke$pa comes back for the outro to end the song on a mellow note; a fantastic production featuring two visionary, up-and-coming rappers!

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