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Ali Sahir – Chicken Curry | Metaphors and Colonialism

Massachusetts-born, Atlanta-based rapper Ali Sahir, aka “Ali the Magician” came out with a ruthless hip-hop track at the end of 2021 called ‘Chicken Curry’. He follows up his well-received debut single, ‘Rich A$$ Nomad’, with a more mature, intricately produced hip-hop narrative on this new track. Ali has been writing music since the age of 11 and his skill as a songwriter is clearly evident in the paradoxical themes his music follows. He’s known for his confident delivery style that pairs well with his ‘magician’ persona, and ‘Chicken Curry’ is a great example of his signature ‘sound’.

The track begins with a bang, featuring hard-hitting, rusty percussive elements and a Tokyo Drift-reminiscent tune. Ali’s verse uses the metaphor of ‘Chicken Curry’ to speak about colonialism and the effect it has had on Pakistanis and Indians through his strong and powerful delivery style here.

Along with the mention of his vices that keep him going, he continues his rap about the journey of self-introspection and his daily grind that has made him who he is today. The honest and tasteful lyricism portrayed by him here showcases his versatile writing style extravagantly and make his songs more relatable to the “Desi’s” out there.

Cut the chicken and season it, toss it in the pot/Ginger and garlic then green chilli’s up on the top/They overcook the chicken and they threw it out to rot/Wasted all the ingredients and left us all to rot”.

Ali’s lyrical flow is very engaging and quite interesting on this track. He has definitely set a higher bar for himself with his second single and is set to drop another banger on Feb 11th called ‘Gold Frames’.

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