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Pylon Heights – VHS | Beauty in Simplicity

Pylon Heights, who are based somewhere between Oxford and Cambridge, have released a new song called “VHS.” The music really enthrals you with its delightful sensation. We quickly get into the mood when the guitar picks up. More intriguingly, the way the narrative is developed via the writing is truly remarkable. She called into question everything she’d been coping with at this stage of her life. Many of us can relate to the tales she includes in her writing. As the song proceeds, the song truly connects with us in terms of songwriting. The statements evoke strong emotions in you about her problems, prompting you to consider and ponder on the parallels with your own.

The song’s arrangement is kept simple, which fits the atmosphere of the song wonderfully. The guitars are the focal point of the song. The laid-back character of the progression sets the tone for the entire song. The guitar strumming dramatically increases in some areas, while the drums and tambourine keep the energy rolling. There is also a slight synth pad feel that sounds exceptionally impressive. The vocal performances captured the right tone for the song, enhancing the overall vibe of the song greatly. The band is rounded by Chris Crowthe, Heather Reeso, and Jon Sandman. Heather Reeso’s honesty in the performance immediately puts us in the mood and helps us connect with all listeners, in addition to the outstanding content.

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