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MrrrDaisy | Hunny | Cultural Propulsion | Afrobeats
MrrrDaisy | Hunny | Cultural Propulsion | Afrobeats

MrrrDaisy – Hunny | Cultural Propulsion

Sometimes there are artists that infuse their emotions and troubles into their music. You can hear it in their singing, in their arrangement and even in the instruments they play or use. A deep sense of emotional turmoil is imbued into the listener because they don’t know what is really bothering the artist. They can feel the pain but cannot ever understand why. MrrrDaisy is one such artist. Creating butterflies in my stomach even though his music is so cultural.

Hunny is the new single by Ghanian singer/rapper MrrrDaisy featuring Kudjoe Daze. Michael is a Ghanian – Spanish born Journalist, A&R publicist, Graphic and Web Designer, and a blogger popularly known my many as MrrrDaisy or Martin Donaldson Daisy and founder of Music Arena Gh and ViviPlay. Kudjoe Daze is a young Afrobeats singer from West Africa,Ghana. He started his music journey in 2018 and has a couple of singles in his belt. He is an independent artist but has a few collaborations.

Let’s start with the album art. Very appropriate album art that isn’t irrelevant and paints a picture in the listeners mind. That I feel is the purpose of the album art, to give the listener an audio visual experience inside their head. Kudjoe and MrrrDaisy sing with their natural African accent that adds flavour, authenticity and a cultural spin to this single.

Today, I think consumers are slowly drifting toward African music because of how groovy these songs can be but also so refreshing from the usual saturated music. ‘Hunny’ has very steady percussions throughout the track that give the track the necessary movement. The vocals are the primary focus in the track and I have to say im impressed. Its on of those songs that grow on you and get stuck in your head. The production is really nice and traditional with a nice background vocal and chorus that I really like. They act as ear candy in this wonderfully traditional song.

I feel with a small push in listeners, Hunny has a lot of potential today and is ‘in’ with today’s trends. This genre is gaining traction and could become the new mainstream of music. MrrrDaisy is riding the wave and as a listener I cant wait for his new music.

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