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LAZA! - Girls
LAZA! - Girls

LAZA! – Girls | Telling Straight Facts

Girls is a powerful, energetic song from pop duo LAZA!. Being their first release, the song undoubtedly sets up the tone of the band and lets listeners know what to expect. The track has a simple beat that loops throughout the length. Further, the instrumentation edges on dark alt-rock electronica and synth-pop. The track is a hymn to female empowerment, distinguishing the feminine from society’s imposed idea of the feminine. The booming vocals reflect the fearless, and the instrumentation matches them perfectly with their vibrancy. The singer declares, she is the boss and she is living large. She knows it is exactly where she is supposed to be. Hence, she has no regard for others’ opinions or unsolicited advice. There is a sense of rugged individualism, and of a conquering self that leaves behind the femme persona of diamonds, pearls, make-up, or curls.

The band LAZA! comprises Luiza Lale & David Lale, who often collaborate with vocal guests for their tracks. For the song Girls, this is Ana Gracey. Packed with swagger, sass, attitude, and power, the song has punk rock energy. It reminds me of the punk rock feminist phase, which gave us some powerhouse artists. Lastly, the song is produced by Chris Sanchez and David Lale, while being composed by Luiza Lale.Β 

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