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Anton Commissaris | Out of the Blue | Jazz | Classy
Anton Commissaris | Out of the Blue | Jazz | Classy

Anton Commissaris – Living My Life | Classy

Anton Commissaris is a bit of a favorite for me.  After nearly a year, for me it feels quite a lot like coming home.  Temporarily forgotten but so instantly familiar.  The mirrored, decoratively stuccoed arches that flank the room are right where we left them and the red velvet chairs are lined in rows, which means this is going to be a civilized one.  The exact setting that you should be listening to Anton Commissaris. A real classy act with civilized and lovely music.

Anton is a music composer, pianist and vocalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Anton claims to love all kinds of music but it is evident he has a soft spot for jazz. He has been inspired by the likes of Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, and Antonio Carlos Jobim – some of Jazz’s greatest composers. ‘Out of the Blue’ is Anton’s latest EP and is a banger with some really classy music!

The first track of this EP is really deep and really intricately produced. ‘Living my life’ is really jivey and the lyrics are really meaningful but also so simple to follow. Really nice lyrics that I cant stress enough on and the simple vocal delivery makes this such a wholesome track. The electric guitar ripping behind Anton’s voice is a very nice touch. ‘Living my Life’ returns to the roots of jazz. Slow, lovely and in this track, you realize how good a singer Anton really is.

Throughout the song, Anton Commissaris’ amazing solo act is self-deprecating, wry and completely charming.  It’s good to know that someone who has made an art form out of getting one guitar, some keys and brass to sound like an entire band – and can sing tenderly on top – remains so very down-to-earth.  There’s something really soothing about his voice. Its like a private conversation between the listener and him.

Out of the Blue is a classy EP that is going to go down in my personal playlist! I don’t really know how else to put it. It has an equal share of calm and the storm. A well-balanced album with no extra masala! A perfect dish served warm and plated well!

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