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Anniballi Davide – Simplicity | Piano Instrumental

Italian pianist, composer, and teacher Anniballi Davide recently came out with a serene instrumental track called ‘Simplicity’. He is best known for orchestral compositions such as ‘Serenità’ and ‘Freedom,’ both of which have received a lot of attention globally. Davide’s emotive playing style along with dramatic melodies make his songs very appealing and a pleasure to listen to; his latest release is no exception! In an atmosphere of elegance and wonder, Davide evokes tranquility and expressivity through his ethereal melodies on this track.

The song is introduced with a hopeful chord progression that reels the listener into the beautiful world created by the composer. It almost sounds like a fitting soundtrack to one of those old silent films about hope and love, owing to the powerful cadences played on the ivories. Davide’s dynamic playing style carries the tune exquisitely as the track progresses and moves toward a more melancholic mood. The great thing about this composition is that it’s a song that kids and adults would both enjoy listening to!

Aptly named, ‘Simplicity’, the track’s uncomplicated set of melodies are very easy on the ears. Davide is no stranger to the instrumental music scene, and he sure does know how to write appealing instrumentals that tell a captivating story. People don’t listen to many instrumental songs anymore, especially those that are piano-centered, but this 57-year-old composer keeps the spirit alive with his extravagant compositions, and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from him soon!

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