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Tradition Man Wolo – Back Again | Much needed Intrusive

Tradition Man Wolo, a well-known presenter and student of reggae music, has just released his latest insightful song, “Back Again“. The language effectively portrays the emotion needed to combat the existing misconducts, discriminations, and inequity that we are likely to face throughout the world. The song primarily emphasises that the obstacles and injustices that have long been in our society are still present, but in a different form. The composition does elicit the appropriate thoughts in our heads, but it does so with such levity that it is able to reach out to a large audience. The vocal delivery is likewise laid-back and has a reggae vibe to it, which is known for its liveliness and joyful energy.

With such an essential message, the song also boasts a top-notch arrangement. The drums and bass sound really tight, ensuring a rock-solid pulse for the proper amount of drive. In the interval, we also get to hear a great woodwind solo, which is a wonderful surprise. The gentle vocal harmonies provide the appropriate amount of effect to lift the mood. The horn passages, along with the organ’s enhanced upbeat, effectively fill the room, with some extra guitar licks that make the song feel wholesome. The song serves as a timely reminder while also being entertaining and pleasurable to listen to. I am optimistic that the song will be well received.

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