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Mike T-Hardships
Mike T-Hardships
Mike T-Hardships

Mike T-Hardships | Nowhere but up

Mike T has been busy at work for the past 2 years. He’s had a substantial catalogue created over this period, after his first release in 2018, Devil Wanna Dance. He had two songs release per year till 2020, where he released his first album, A Week in 2019. Received with great love from indie hip-hop fans, he’s decided to start 2022 off early with his single Hardships.

Using a cool, catchy R&B chord progression, Mike T proves three is all he needs. His rhythm section is painfully simple, to focus on the verses he’s crafted and beats he’s committed to. Just three chords with minimal effects, Mike T delivers a personal monologue of sorts, living life as a marginalized member of society, grinding it out for the daily hustle. Focusing on change and reminding people it will never come easy, he makes this short track memorable and personal. Combining it with another single, Grey Skies, he makes this a double A side release.

Using a calming, transgressional background for Grey Skies, he raps about progress, sustaining on the fact that there’s nowhere to go but up. Mike T has a personal style of storytelling, choosing not to waste bars. This double single starts the year off on a great note for him, with more definitely on the board for release.

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