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Kenn Farr-Good For Me
Kenn Farr-Good For Me
Kenn Farr-Good For Me

Kenn Farr-Good For Me | Raise the roof

Kenn Farr has seen some massive success for an indie artist. Merging hip-hop & R&B, he’s a Gospel artist that likes to touch all bases while making his music. His latest single is his most streamed and popular, Good For Me. That might well be the case, because the verses and beat make it good for us too.

With a pumping beat and some string sound reminiscent of the Wu-Tang years, Kenn Farr is going all out. The song has incredibly catchy verses and a chorus, with special inflection given his energy. The hook is simple and direct, while spreading out the lyrics thin. I find the bass to be a little too jarring with disturbance, and due to only the bass and strings working together, a bit muddy. It can be overlooked, but takes away how fun the song could be to listen to on repeat.

Kenn Farr released his first album Preacher’s Son-Come Get Some in 2015. Releasing Fillin Em’ in 2016 as a single, he’s taken a break till the last year, at least according to the streaming service. He’s back now, with greater production, sound and style, so we can definitely watch out and wait for some more music. Having a wide reaching influence in the US, Ken is an artist that is going to deliver, so better get your headphones out. Raise your hands in the air, its good for you.

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