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Elion Melody – Bittersweet | Two Standpoints

Elion Melody, an up-and-coming musician based in New York City, has released his latest single “Bittersweet,” which includes Smoothsaylin and Motion Sickness. The initial EP chords, which sounded so tempting with the little overdrive added, set the tone for the song. The complexities of the relationship’s challenges are well-represented in the writing. The lyrics perfectly captured the dichotomy and emotional struggle that existed between the two people. Both views are well-represented in the composition, which is further heightened in tension by top-notch perfect vocal performances. Both vocalists did an excellent job with their vocal delivery, making you feel the mood and contradictory emotions in the relationship.

The soundscapes have a very smooth combination of RnB and Pop sounds that are quite enticing. The song’s build-ups and dips have a major effect, which keeps the song’s momentum rolling. The layers are simple, yet they sound rich and fill every range of the spectrum. The rhythm, which has a deep, thick bottom, feels incredibly powerful, and as the chorus progresses, the brass hits really punch up the part and make it stand out from the others, making it sound so captivating. The songwriting and the alternative viewpoints are my favourite aspects of the tune, which keeps us engaged till the conclusion. I’m hoping that the music will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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