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Gabdez – Take Me Around | Addictive Air

Gabdez, a DJ and producer from Sicily, has released “Take Me Around,” an absolutely feel-good music. The words really pump you up, and the tone is so upbeat that it perfectly portrays the stunning aspects of this massive marvel known as the earth. That is also completely printed in the feeling. The soul-influenced vocal performance just adds to the tension, keeping us completely engrossed in the tune until the very last second. I’m really excited by the vocal performance, which has a lot of strength. The voice alone is enough to pull you into the music. It simply smacks you right in the gut. The songwriting has also provided adequate room for the feeling to develop, which just hits you right way and makes you want to jump along.

From the beginning, the vibe is powerful and firmly established. Furthermore, the production is simple yet effective, and it provides the desired effect. Each layer and rhythm have a lot of clarity to them, and they immediately connect with us. The House groove is so well-balanced, and the syncopated synth bass complements it well. The progression is pleasant, and the rise and dip are particularly effective. The rhythm is really tight, with just enough bounce to keep us moving. Any listener who comes upon the tune will undoubtedly enjoy the ambiance. The mix also plays an important role in establishing the ideal ambiance by ensuring that each layer is properly balanced.

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