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Low Girl - So Cool
Low Girl - So Cool

Low Girl – So Cool | Electro Saccharine

Low Girl is a Hemel-Hemstead-based, Alt-Pop artist. Following the hype and success of her last single, Big Now, she is all set to release her second EP. Having written music since the age of 12, Low Girl has shown exponential growth over her career. Touching on themes of loneliness, mental health and identity dysphoria, she has now begun exploring the idea of reaching out for something seemingly unattainable.

So Cool is the titular track of her upcoming EP, set for release on March 4th. The track has a punchy, mid-tempo pace. This displays a hyper-modern and eclectic musical sensibility, retaining a lot of the retro elements that the genre hearkens to. So Cool is a synth-pop banger, that immerses the listener in nostalgic melodies, vibrant chords, tight drums and hypnotic vocals. Low Girl steadily builds the intensity of the track. She uses dynamic rhythms and a clever arrangement that ties the song together deftly. Additionally, the track is extremely well-mixed. Each instrument has enough space to add and withdraw from the overall track.

With So Cool, Low Girl manages to ride a fine line between familiar themes and creating on the frontier of the genre. The song explores the frivolous and delirious nature of modern relationships. The predictable but unrelenting melodies and beats resemble the addictive feelings of infatuation. Catch Low Girl on the road at one of their upcoming shows in the UK.

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