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Elison - Hopes & Horoscopes
Elison - Hopes & Horoscopes

Elison – Hopes & Horoscopes | Elation

Elison is an American, Indie Rock duo based in Des Moines, Iowa. The duo formed when singer and songwriter, Marissa Kephart found the time to work on music during the 2020 lockdown. Kephart had then met multi-instrumentalist and producer, Scott Yoshimura, who had opened his studio up to friends. Having bonded over a mutual interest in music, the duo fleshed out the first Elison track, Meet Me Halfway.

Building on the success of Meet Me Halfway, the duo have now released Hopes & Horoscopes. This is a shoegaze-y, dreamy rock track that caught me by surprise, in the best way possible. Hopes & Horoscopes kind of makes me reminiscent of some great memories in high school. Moreover, I really enjoy the guitar work, it has this bendy, wah wah texture that I’ve heard in Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. I really enjoy how this track has such a brilliant atmosphere. It creates a most wholesome and enjoyable Indie Rock vibe. Much like Meet Me Halfway, Hopes & Horoscopes fits into the Elison sound. It’s distinct and, honestly, something extremely refreshing to hear.

Elison has the ability to craft an atmosphere that keeps you warm and fuzzy, while at the same time introspecting. Hopes & Horoscopes, specifically, has this comforting notion of how no element is overwhelming. It sort of hits the right spot. Moreover, I really just enjoy how good the song makes me feel. However, don’t just take my word for it.

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