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Lycio – I Wanna Know | Life Within

Lycio, UK electronic hybrid trio, has released their new track “I Wanna Know,” which is really brilliant. Genie Mendez, vocalist and songwriter, Charlie Kellie, keyboardist, and Alex Lowe, drummer, are all multi-instrumentalists, which provides them an advantage when it comes to generating fresh ideas and perspectives on songs and arrangements. The current song “I Wanna Know” is likewise full of intriguing production twists and turns that keep us captivated until the very last bar. The songwriting empowers us with such introspection and helps us with such profound insights that it truly fires a big motivation to love ourselves and inspires us to find our inner strength. The song’s lyrics are simple yet have significant relevance.

The side chain synth technique keeps the track’s pulse going. The progression also contributes significantly to the overall ambiance, and the tones of each synthetic colour sound really amazing. The vocal delivery is laced with such ferocity that it truly gets under your skin. The rich vocal harmonies and productions, which are particularly noticeable, are a very subtle yet one aspect that is actually fairly crucial in providing soul to the arrangement. The percussion guarantee that the music is alive with movement. Despite the song’s several layers, the transitions are quite seamless, resulting in a fantastic listening experience. Another part of the song that will strike a chord with a large number of listeners is the lyrics.

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