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Reasons Above All-Collapse
Reasons Above All-Collapse
Reasons Above All-Collapse

Reasons Above All-Collapse | Propel

Reasons Above All are a band that seems to glide effortlessly between genres of metal and hard rock. Their new track Collapse is melodic dissonance to crushing, powerful lyrics with great musicality and metal sensibilities. Gracing the indie metal scene since 2012, they show no signs of slowing down, if anything feel their momentum build here.

Collapse has all the ingredients a metalcore track needs, with layered riffs and strong, immersive lyrics delivered with an intense voice. This track takes the best years of metalcore (Killswitch, August Burns Red) and boils it down to approximately 3 minutes of hardcore music. With a riff that seems to build especially in the moments where you don’t hear it, the overall vibe of the song is dominated by what the instruments do. With drums that pepper the track with enigmatic energy in parts, the track is an effortless machine of Reasons Above All working together.

The group has never sounded better, after their self titled EP in 2018. They’ve been trying to expand their range of sound, delving into the acoustic realm as well. Chasing pure, good music-they subdivide genres into further modes. Their lyrics have a pure, truthful nature to them as well, and their instrumentals seem to have built from a place of experience and effort. Their Muse sounding track Animals from last year is just an example of range in a band’s catalogue.

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