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Iceblink - Seared
Iceblink - Seared

Iceblink – Seared | dream pop

Iceblink, a Brooklyn-based band consisting of Martin Newman (guitars/mellotron), James Newman (bass/drums), and Andrea Lynn (vocals) (vocals) just released their debut single, Seared. A dreamy, enticing track that makes you feel as if you’re being hypnotically tempted to react to a Siren’s call.  The tune is immediately gripping, with its soft basslines matching the lovely, happy guitar chords. Then there were the vocals, which sounded sugary, nostalgic, fresh. 

Andrea’s vocals have their own rhythms, and she’d sound fantastic in an unplugged setting. The guitar and bass have a very movement based harmony, combining remarkably well to make the uplifting, cheery music, with some post-punk undertones. Slowing down the tempo and softening the vocals gave the impression that there were once many shining lights, but now they’ve all gathered to give blinding white.

In the midst of the layered backdrop distortion, the chorus finds comfort with joyful guitar tones. The dreamy, laid-back verses, complete with jumping bass charm, perfectly transition into this rise, absorbing with increased fierceness. Until the outro, they’re going up with the beat, their skills, and your emotions.

Seared by Iceblink is a soundscape that immerses you and makes you feel expansive. I look forward to listening to more of Iceblink.

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