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Ileen Laura - Sit Beside Me
Ileen Laura - Sit Beside Me

Ileen Laura – Sit Beside Me | Upliftingly Spiritual

Ileen Laura is a musician, singer and songwriter based out in Toronto. Her primary genre is Christian or Gospel music. She describes it as powerful and says that it is inspired by her deeply meaningful life experiences. Ileen is in the process of recording her second EP to follow her latest release, Sit Beside Me. Having been involved with music for years now, Ileen Laura has released music since 2010 and is back after nearly a decade-long hiatus.

Sit Beside Me is Ileen’s return to the music industry. The track has the most peaceful vibes I’ve heard from a nonChristmas song. Ileen Laura shows us how her faith helps guide her musical ability. Moreover, I really enjoy the entire composition and arrangement. It’s interesting to note the classical church instruments, a piano, snare drum, cymbals and chimes along with clean vocals. I think Ileen’s vocals are absolutely phenomenal with how easily they cut through the mix. It acts as the light in the dark that she mentions in her track. I love the vocal harmonies that add so much depth to the track. Every single element within this track holds up on its own, but when they come together, they create something even larger. Moreover, it’s a really uplifting track. It kind of gives you the feeling of solidarity of being part of something larger than yourself.

In a way, I really resonate with Ileen Laura and her faith. It shows us that when you truly believe in something that there’s nothing that can get in the way of you achieving something.

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