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Sweeter Than Sorrow-The Bond
Sweeter Than Sorrow-The Bond
Sweeter Than Sorrow-The Bond

Sweeter Than Sorrow-the bond | Telepathic

Sweeter Than Sorrow are a pipeline to emotions and music. Each of their released music pieces relies on the bare minimum, yet rests upon its chords a leviathan task. To hope the listener feels what they feel, unfiltered and unrestricted. Honest lyrics and an unmasked soundscape mark the beautiful journey that is the bond.

Started only in the summer of 2021, Sweeter Than Sorrow have released two tracks. Like Water Is Flowing sets forth the series of events for this artist, with a strong bond to self and healing. The bond is no different, proceed with caution. Using just piano chords rolled out as arpeggios, this accompaniment aids Mattias Wahlberg (Sweeter Than Sorrow) to an eerily honest environment. In control, he softly sings this lullaby that touches your soul, whether you have one, or like me, lost it to the chaos of rock and metal.

The progression tends to sound like R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, from their seminal masterpiece Automatic For The People (1992). Using strings to barely give small, rousing flourishes, the artist prides themselves on creating a stellar mood board for the listener to enjoy. The very simple and subtle changes help in holding and relying on the emotion. The empty space acts as a container for these chords and temperamental lyrics used. We hope to hear a lot more heartfelt music from this artist.

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