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basedhair - THE SLUMS!
basedhair - THE SLUMS!

basedhair – THE SLUMS! | pop-rap

Releasing his second single of the year, basedhair is back with not one but two tracks for us! Called THE SLUMS! and SWIM!, the two tracks are the perfect, hype music to begin your new year with.

THE SLUMS! displays a characteristic pop-rap beat with uptempo snares and catchy music that gets you grooving immediately. The track is heavily influenced by more contemporary R&B and hip-hop trends and sticks to its upbeat roots. THE SLUMS! displays basedhair’s well-balanced flow, which dominates the track. The repetition of the lines “you falling in, you falling out…” really emphasizes the theme of the song that is rooted in locating oneself in a space.

The track is also emphasized by the vocals, which have an autotuned effect that perfectly complements the vibe of the beats. The second track called SWIM! takes this contemporary pop-rap tonality to a new level. With a slower tempo, this track focuses a lot on the beats and a rather distorted instrumentals, which gives it a futuristic vibe. These two tracks also seem inspired by trap aesthetics.

basedhair uses the technique of repitition in his rap to really drive home the message. The two tracks have energies and beats that play off of each other and are a perfect duo. The tracks also have memorable instrumental riffs which will get you grooving and stuck in your head.

Go check out THE SLUMS! and SWIM! by basedhair, here :

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