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Hider – Cold Blood | Indietronica

Indie pop singer-songwriter Hider recently released his new single titled ‘Cold Blood,’ which blends reverb-drenched guitars and r&b beats over dreamy atmospheres. Since 2011, the artist has been fascinated by the world of music and has been keen on developing his laid-back, emotive sound. With fan favourites ‘Stay’ and ‘Ghost’, Hider continues to constantly release heartfelt music in his signature style and has been doing so since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2018.

‘Cold Blood’ is introduced with a mellow guitar melody that plays over reverby textures while supporting Hider’s smooth vocal performance. Right from the start, the track has a very modern, electro-pop sound, similar to that of Irish artist EDEN. Deep kicks and basses add just the right amount of weight to the song, creating a mood of melancholy and wonder as the song progresses. “No not the kind you think is lovely (Nah, nah)/Just to leave and leave me lonely (Yeah)/Rather just stay home/Shut up my phone I’ve been asleep so long my dreams are no longer my own – Hider sings a passionate narrative and expresses his deep-rooted emotions with his confident and natural-sounding vocal delivery style.

Featuring a fusion of hip-hop melodies, infectious hook-lines and just the right amount of electronica, Hider showcases his dream pop-inspired, indietronica composition exquisitely in this 2:40-minute track. Having released two albums and a stream of singles since his debut, the singer-songwriter continues to make waves in the scene and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from him soon!

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