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Justina Shandler - Stamina
Justina Shandler - Stamina

Justina Shandler – Stamina | Modern Bop

Justina Shandler is an American singer-songwriter with a flair for modern pop music. Her eccentric nature comes with a love for hair dye, laughing babies and, of course, creating music. Having worked with local producers, Shandler has a great deal of help but definitely stands on her own merits. Her music is rather boppy with a groove that will find its way into anyone’s soul.

Her latest single, Stamina, is a track that has been in the making for some time. Having begun the project in a room in Houston, Justina Shandler has gone on to record the banger and it is absolutely brilliant. The track is a rather interesting take on the modern Pop and R&B scene. Using relatively deeper beats and a rhythm that reminds me of Passionfruit by Drake, Shandler exhibits exemplary songwriting and singing capabilities throughout the track. Her vocal control and mellifluous voice really hold the track together. However, the production work on the beat is absolutely sublime. Stamina is the kind of track that you would find yourself dancing to in a club without even knowing the name.

Justina Shandler is an extremely talented performer and is slowly rising through the ranks. I’d keep an eye out for her music if I was you. If you want a good time and a song you can really move around to, Stamina by Justina Shandler is the track for you. We were also fortunate enough to speak to her. Read on below for the full scoop!

What has been the toughest part of your musical journey so far?

Building my own muscles in knowing what’s best for me instead of listening to the countless people who believe success happens one way.

What influenced you to become a musician?

I grew up listening to my dad play his original songs. It inspired me to write music myself.

How did you develop your music style?

As a kid, I listened to Billy Joel, the Beatles, and Regina Spektor… also Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. These artists undoubtedly influenced my own writing style.

Stamina is a pretty upbeat track. How did you come about creating it?

I was a part of a group that gave songwriting prompts each week – the prompt was to use a headline. The headline I found and chose was “In the world of tag, he’s it.” So I used that lyric to start writing Stamina!

What do you look for most in your music?

Catchy melodies and clever, thought-provoking lyrics.

Do you have a favourite track that you’ve worked on? What was the best part about recording it?

It changes depending on my mood. In this moment, I most enjoyed working on my song, “no one’s immune” (can be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services). It came together effortlessly. We used the scratch vocal track as the final vocal because it captured the emotion we wanted. Then tracked live cello. I love strings. It was a seamless process.

What’s next for Justina Shandler?

I’m working on my next album – my deepest most personal work yet. Due to be released in April 2022.

Be sure to stream Stamina and add it to your playlists today!

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