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Gina Williams – Toxic Love | Multi-Genre Rock Fusion

Multi-genre singer-songwriter, producer and concert pianist Gina Williams is out with a 10-track rock album titled ‘Toxic Love’. The pop/soul/gospel singer is well-known for her energetic live performances and versatile composition style that combines elements of orchestral music, hip-hop, rock and electronica, to name a few. Williams is also a dancer and choreographer who is quite active in the film and television industry, making her an all-around artist who tells compelling stories through her music.

Toxic Love Album Track-list

The album begins with an upbeat rock track called Animals. Over a hard-hitting drum beat and energetic guitars, Gina’s powerful vocals soar as she sings engaging melodies right from the start. Synthesizers and keyboards add even more weight to the track’s groove, making Animals one of those catchy tracks you can’t get out of your head.

In Your Box features a similar riff as the previous track and has the same aggressive, upbeat tone. Throughout the mix, Gina’s vocals stand out especially well because they have a megaphone-like effect on most of the verses. The bass-driven track progresses with multiple hook melodies and a few instrumentals over grungy textures and tones.

Gina changes up the flow a bit with the next track Meet Up. This dynamic track begins with a thumping bass arpeggio that accompanies her smooth, airy vocals initially. Electronic drums and distorted guitars further enhance the catchy groove of the track in the tight chorus section. Gina makes an interesting fusion of electronica and rock here, as all the elements blend beautifully together in this song.

Lions is introduced with theatrical vocals over a simple drum beat and a repetitive guitar riff that sets the groove of the track. The intimidating nature of lions serves as a metaphor for Gina’s consciously off-key, dramatic performance here. A very unique composition that ends on a high note.

A stabbed chord progression plays with side-chained electronics to introduce track five, – Testimony.  – I’m rising like a phoenix/Remembering the life I lived before/No baby I don’t miss it/No baby I don’t need it anymore”. Throughout this just over the four-minute track, Gina sings a jazzy melody over cinematic drums and hip-hop beats. The unique blend of sounds here showcases an eclectic blend of pop, EDM, jazz and rock in the artist’s intriguing fusion style.

Gina versatility as an artist found her writing and performing in ten different languages over the years. On 我不知道 (Wo Bu Zhi Dao) she has sung a hauntingly beautiful melody in Chinese that begins with her ethereal vocals over a soothing harp melody. The track progresses to get louder with the hard-hitting choruses that feature lush string instrumentation and aggressive guitars, creating an atmosphere of grungy textures.

Fly on Your Wall opens with a jazzy grand piano progression that supports Gina’s deep-toned vocals as she sings a self-reflective narrative filled with emotion. Warm electric pianos and distorted guitars play bluesy fillers over the somewhat loose rhythm, enhancing the smooth transitions between sections and ultimately, increasing the overall impact of the track.

An interesting array of beatbox-like vocals play along with deep bass to set the groove of It’s What You Do. Gina is back with her high-pitched, airy-toned vocals on this one, and her emotive performance shines through. Her sultry vocals play well with the low-end dominant instrumentation excellently as she hits all the high notes flawlessly – “His voice is sweet at thunder/It rips through me like spring showers/You know, come hold me, take me away” .

The bass-driven track Rockstar features the singer’s gritty voice in a rock and roll arrangement, reminiscent of tracks from the 90s. As Gina continues to deliver a powerful performance over a simple but firm beat progression, her distorted vocals further enhance the impact of her assertive tone.

‘Toxic Love’ ends with my favourite track of the entire album – Angry Bird. This song is a good place for anyone to start listening to Gina Williams, as it showcases her creativity as an artist to the fullest! With a wide range of genres and tones on this album so far, she has constantly delivered emotional performances and the final track of this record is no exception. The dynamic, smooth transitions from mellow and soothing to heavy and banging make this one an absolute pleasure you listen to. It is always a pleasure to listen to Gina’s masterful singing, and she does a great job of keeping the listener engaged in this song!

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