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The New Summer Bleaks – Joe | Words of Importance

The New Summer Bleaks‘ new single “Joe“, a progressive electronic song, was recently released. The music progresses from a single layer to numerous levels that are both deep and interesting. The songwriting is made simpler, and the mood takes precedence, and rightfully so. These layers of fake textures make such an intriguing mood. Every layer heightens the atmosphere, and the progressive psychedelic groove clings to your nerves, lifting you upwards as the song proceeds. We continue to just immerse ourselves in the soundscape as the groove pulls us further into a trance-like zone.

In the way the vocals are delivered, there is a sense of purity and honesty, and the lines are quite reassuring, which makes the listeners’ attitude so optimistic. It would offer the courage to stand up in the face of a life-altering catastrophe.

However, while the language appears simple, the message it conveys is extremely powerful and significant. The way the subject is narrated adds to the interest. The production is excellent, with an emphasis on arpeggios and side-chained bass lines. The fillers have a highly thrilling synth line that is really effectively put across and effortlessly transitions between parts, all while maintaining the listener’s interest. I’m hopeful that the tune will have the potential to reach a bigger audience with the song’s message. Many of us need to listen to such remarks in order to keep our composure through rough patches.

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