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TeeshyBaby - Home Alone
TeeshyBaby - Home Alone

TeeshyBaby – Home Alone | Hard work don’t hold back

Home Alone is TeeshyBaby’s latest release, produced with D.O.A. Records. The EP features five songs with a runtime of thirteen minutes and eight seconds. With this album, it is time for the world to see the artist’s talent and capabilities. He has been an underdog his whole life, and it has only taught him to stay focused and work harder while blocking out the noise.

The album Home Alone is also packed with such rage and turmoil, while having soul-style trap beats. The sentiments that TeeshyBaby has long harboured are expressed on a hip-hop beat that has the head bobbing almost instantaneously. Home Alone is a result of the artist staying locked up in his room in a trance. He firmly believes in cutting out all distractions, and focusing on his work. And like a true genius, when he is alone with his grass, the beat brings out his melodies from somewhere deep within.

Home Alone EP

The album opens up with the track Fair, with a soulful intro on the piano. And then the beat kicks in. Talking about his generation, Teeshy separates himself from the others. In an age where everyone is popping pills to escape heartbreaks and reality, he is working to make his reality grander than ever. He started out making music in his basement, and while others party his plans are just very different. Next up is Smith N Wesson, and the trap-loop on this one is even more complex. He uses drops to empasize the end of his verses. Needless to say, his lyrical abilities make the most of thai stage to make some solid points. 

Next up, Both Ways opens with what sounds like an old French lullaby. And before you know it he has it produced to be a part of his melody. With the perfect soft backdrop all set, he spills his verse with confidence. He is undistracted by the bullshit of unneccessary drama, 

Then comes the song Honest, and it easily has the most interesting opening on the EP. What’s more, the honest vulnerability in the verse also hits pretty hard. It is a reminder to remember the right way to get rid of problems is to not escape them. And while it is easy to hate the people who break our hearts, they also teach us valuable lessons. Finally, Beautiful closes the album in a peppy and soulful rhythm. My favourite track on the album, this one has a slow melody on the piano. With an optimistic progression, and a truthful set of lyrics, the song closes the album on a bright and bubbly note.

In Conversation With TeeshyBaby

A talented musician with big dreams, Teeshy is working to make his name reach more and more people. He wants to do it all for his mother and make her proud, and also hone his own talents along the way. To get to know this cryptic beat-buster, I asked him a few questions. Here they go – 

Ques. Let’s start with the basics: we’d love to learn about you and your roots. Where are you from? Who are the musicians who inspire you?

Teeshy: I’m from Montreal, Canada. I have a long list of people who inspire me, but I’m also a person who listens to a lot of different types of music.

Ques. What is it that you wish that every first-time listener would take away from your music?

Teeshy: I wish for them to take away something that is relatable to them. My struggle and pain is something that I can’t even hide. You can’t hear me cry for help. And I know a lot of people are dealing with a hard time. And the music helps.

Home Alone – Conception

Ques. This year was grand, with you releasing one EP after another! Tell us about Home Alone, and what inspired it? How is it different from the others which preceded it?

Teeshy: Last year I had surgery in my knee. Given the recovery time was 6 to 8 weeks, I got to work! I’ve always liked staying home and just creating music. All the papers on my bed come from the days when I first started writing, so I used that as inspiration. I feel with time my skill keeps on getting better. So for me, this tape is people seeing my growth, and what I’m capable of putting out.

Ques. What’s your favourite track from Home Alone?

Teeshy: That is a tough one; it would have to be between ‘Fair’ and ‘Honest.’
Fair is a song that’s touches me because of the emotion and pain behind it. I try and talk my future to existence. And if you listen, I talk about labels calling me one day to sign etc. I like listening to rap, and that is why ‘Fair’ is one of my favourite songs.
On the other hand, Honest is a song that I feel is the most relatable because it’s about the difficulties we all face trying to work out relationships. It is a love song with a little street vibe.

The next chapter

Ques. Except for sticking to your grind and showing the world what you’re made of, what can we expect from you in 2022? 

Teeshy: I know what I expect out of my self. I work super hard and I feel I haven’t even touched my full potential. I’ve only been dropping music for 2 years now. I feel like once I have a real audience, I’ll be one of the top artists! And I say that with a lot of confidence; lot more TeeshyBaby.

Listen to Home Alone by TeeshyBaby:

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