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Sam Gifford-A Second of Love
Sam Gifford-A Second of Love
Sam Gifford-A Second of Love

Sam Gifford-A Second of Love | The petals of verse

It’s truly exciting to see an indie artist stoking the fire of creativity. They might have several experiences musically, but it’s the special moments from life that they choose to write about. There’s a depth to it, like reading someone’s journal. Sam Gifford is a new artist with several of his personal pages laid out for us to see. This is called A Second of Love.

With pop-rock energy that salutes artists like Iron & Wine, Bon Iver & The Lumineers, Sam Gifford puts his own flame on this torch. His first track is the emotional title track, slowly cascades like a brook whose gurgling you pay attention to. As it crescendos to the end of the song, we realize it was building up to crash down this gorgeous waterfall. Happily enough, it continues to the calm tributary it originated from, maintaining a conscious flow in the song.

Well, judging by just the opening I thought I was listening to Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy. Sharp right turn on that thought, Sam Gifford unleashes collected kinetic energy from the track before for an emotional outpour. The track is called Gang of Thieves, and the muted guitar is a very nice indication for the tone the song searches for. It has an alt-rock soul but shifts character like a metamorphosis you’re lucky to see. A sole witness for a great tale. The best part being that it can be heard as many times as you would want.

With gentle fingerpicking, Sam ushers us into the birth of his new song, Shadows in the Dark. Once again as spectators, you feel like you’re hearing the honest truth, from the soul to the instrument. At 1:20. other live instruments kick in one by one, starting with the drums. By the time the mildly distorted electric starts wailing in, it sounds like an foreboding for a great memory. Well executed and great lyrics.

The final track is one I had reviewed as a single earlier this year. Run the Red Light takes the path of an acoustic song, but reminds you of this artists stellar composition skills. The progression is airtight to be a memorable one, and his lyrics never fail to scratch much deeper than the surface. Sometimes a cold plunge in ice water, if you aren’t as good in articulating your thoughts. Sam is a brilliant songwriter who has come a long ways since something else, and that was only 2 years ago now.

I wish him the best of inspiration and let his music continue to transcend time. Listen to his album A Second of Love here:

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