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Dax – GRINCH GOES VIRAL | Frustration, Pain and Christmas

Nigerian-Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter Dax is back with yet another banger of a hip-hop track called ‘GRINCH GOES VIRAL‘. With over 100 million Spotify streams, the artist is no stranger to the hip-hop scene and has been putting out hard-hitting rap music since early 2017. His latest release, “the greatest Christmas song of all time,” as he calls it, is a six-minute narrative supported by heavy beats and Christmassy tunes in a stunning production.

His character, the Grinch, kicks off the track with a monologue where he talks about fighting against going on a downward spiral through playful and intriguing lyrics. – “I got hit Mariah Carey or something she got it popping/And that one song be hitting different/All I want for Christmas is you/Maybe I ask Santa for vocals”. A solid beat kicks in along with a few holiday tunes that play in the background as Dax sings about the main theme of the track – ‘going viral’.

His bizarre yet poetic writing, which references Miley Cyrus, Joe Biden, and a few famous TikTokers, will keep you reeling in until the very end! It’s one of those tracks that you’ll be playing on repeat owing to its intricate lyricism and driving beats.

Dax earlier made a name for himself putting out diss tracks towards YouTubers such as Jake Paul and PewDiePie, and now has amassed millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms. He expresses his emotions through honest songwriting and confident delivery, making him one of the leading hip-hop artists in the scene with fans all around the world. ‘GRINCH GOES VIRAL’ is yet another excellent addition to his vast discography, and I must say, Dax delivers a truly captivating and intense performance on this track!

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