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Michael Peloso – Life’s Little Accidents | Peaceful Headspace

Life’s Little Accidents,” Michael Peloso‘s latest album, is a journey within itself. The songs I’ve described in detail below will take you through a variety of emotional levels. Fundamentally, the songs are so optimistic that we won’t mind listening to them time after time. The album also feature some fantastic vocalists, which adds a lot to the whole experience. I am confident that if you listen to the record first thing in the morning, you will feel good and build a positive mindset to cope with any unfavourable challenges.

The album opens with a lively track called “Nite Run,” which kicks off the album with a lot of energy and positive sentiments. The guitars sound fantastic. The arrangement has left a lasting impact and sets the bar high for the next track in terms of consistency. The bass, as well as the rhythm, sounds quite tight. The track’s funk character is enhanced by the choppy rhythmic lyrics. The song also features Nelly’s Echo, who never fails to impress us with his performance. It’s been a fantastic start. Following the album, we are pleasantly surprised with the colourful and serene single “Maybe Someday,” which is beautifully performed by Marisa Frantz. The writing has a strong emotional impact. The seasoned Piano performance will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and will contribute significantly to the overall ambiance, perfectly complementing the vocals. Additionally, the guitars ensure that the space is well utilised. After the upbeat opening, the music actually settles you down. 

The next song, “Make a Wish,” begins with a boom. The record’s energy level has soared to new heights. The arrangement of the Nu Disco irresistible sound is very carefully thought out. You get shivers just listening to the progression. Vicu Sheck‘s vocal performance is solidly tight and never loses its fire. In terms of sound arc, the album appears to be quite diverse and dynamic. With such appealing guitar melodic lines, the pace slows down once more in “Falling Up”. The lyrics, in my opinion, are the track’s centrepiece, as are the guitar lines, which brilliantly enhance the composition. The drums, along with the bass, sounds incredible and spontaneous in their movement. This is another outstanding piece of writing. It was sung with such emotion by Art Auré. Keep an eye out for the guitar solo, which will take you with its melody and enticing tone.

The album’s title song, “Life’s Little Accidents,” truly connects with you. There is a lovely combination of good writing, minimal and effective arrangement, and exceptional performance that came together so perfectly, in my opinion. As a result, the song’s mood is highly fresh and appealing. Erik Fredriksen gives an outstanding performance in the piece. With “Rear View,” the mood is elevated. We hear Natalie Jean‘s outstanding performance, which will really affect you emotionally. The songwriting is joyful and upbeat. The arrangement is consistently fantastic for the songs, which significantly improves our listening experience. “No You, No Me” is without a doubt the best-written song on the album. The work includes fantastic build-ups and quiet passages that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. There is a sense of narrative, and the countermelodies by the saxophone and guitars are very fascinating, and the soundscapes are further enhanced by outstanding vocal harmonies. 

The soothing acoustic guitar progression establishes the tone for “Shed My Skin,” which is further enhanced by Juliet Lyons‘ vocals. The arrangement is kept simple, but the song succeeds to reach you on a deep level. The second song, “What You Do,” is full of wonderful energy that fills your ears and thoughts. The song is upbeat and has a welcoming tone that makes it enjoyable to listen to over and over. On vocals, Nathan Nasby performs a fantastic job. The song has a really natural tone to it and flows well from one part to the next. Pieces for saxophone are fantastic. “Fly Away,” the album’s concluding track, is a fantastically produced tune with excellent vocals and songwriting. Marisa Frantz’s heavenly voice is both beautiful and strong. The song instantly relaxes you and gives you a nice attitude on the entire album. I’m confident that after listening to the record, people will be hooked on several tracks. The arrangements, which are backed up by solid lyrics, are sure to please a wide spectrum of listeners.

We had spoken with Michael Peloso, who shared some fascinating details about the album’s writing and recording process.

1. The album has influences from a variety of genres. How long did it take you to finish these ten songs? I’m guessing you’ve composed a few more songs before settling on them.

This album does have a variety of genres wrapped together. I’m turning 50 in April of 2022. I know I’m dating myself, but I’m lucky to have had so many decades of influences. There are way too many to list, but every artist I’ve listened to has influenced me in some shape or form. How could they not? I think it shows in these songs. The whole album from start to finish took about a year to fully complete. I had most of the lyrics ready to go. I had nine tracks fully completed I needed a tenth. I wrote Rear View in about 20 minutes. Start to finish. Within a week the music was recorded. Due to Covid it took a few weeks to get Natalie Jean, whom I’ve worked with before, to have her go into the studio. She recorded her tracks in a day & that was it. She & everyone are such pros. She nailed it so quickly. It was a pretty easy project. Everyone who worked on the album made it easy. I had a vision for the album going in which always helps. I wrote a total of 15 songs for the album but settled on 10 because they just didn’t fit this time around. They may go on my next album, or I’ll pitch them to other artists. They will someday see the light of day.

Tell us about some of your favourite memories from the time you were composing and recording the albums. Which song was completely spontaneous, and which song gave you sleepless nights while you were creating it?

This is a really good question! Nite Run, Make a Wish & Rear View, once I started, came very quickly for me. They were very easy flowing. I guess the song that gave me the most “sleepless nights” was probably Maybe Someday. I had an initial set of lyrics & music, but I felt the song was too short. I then added more verses to it. I sent it to several vocalist who I wanted to have sing it, but either they just didn’t connect to it or it was too hard (emotionally) to sing. It’s a song about loss, but also about hope. I didn’t want to make it a “downer”. It’s not an easy song to sing. It’s also the longest song on the album. I wanted it to convey a sense of hope. That’s why it took longer for me to write & eventually get the right vocalist for it. Marisa Frantz has an amazingly, beautifully, haunting voice. She just nailed it.

3. I’m sure you had a lot of joy collaborating with these incredible artists. Tell us about your collaboration. How did everything go down?

Well, I’ve written for other artists for years. I never really thought about being the “face” of an album. I don’t mind staying low-key. LOL Natalie, who I’ve written for before, & who sings Rear View was pushing me for years to do my own album. She just kept telling me to do it. I was hesitant, but then Covid hit & I just said why not? So I contacted my friend & co-producer, Matthew Shell & told him I wanted to make a record. Then the songs just came about. I then contacted friends like Natalie, Marisa, & Juliet Lyons & asked them if they’d like to sing on it. I then reached out to Nelly’s Echo, Vicu, Art Aure & Nathan Nasby. I had heard their work before & really wanted them for the album. Then Erik Fredriksen, who mixed a few tracks on the album asked me if he could sing & I gave him a shot. He ended up singing on two songs! Ha! I’m happy they were all available. They all are wonderful vocalist. The musicians on the album are all friends I’ve worked with in the past. Getting them together was easy. They all believed in the work. Sami Turunen (guitars), & the rhythm section of Hector Ruano (bass) & Glenn Welman (drums) are all over this record. I had my buddy, Sal Vitale add guitars on Nite Run along with Sus Vasquez. They made it so easy. I had so many friends on it, so it was just like one big party & I was the host. everyone though brought something valuable. They made it almost effortless.

4. Do you want to emphasise anything in particular about the record for the listeners?

This record tells the story of things that I’ve experienced the last several years of my life. The songs come from my heart. They touch on the highs & lows of life. Something that everyone can relate to. I hope listeners relate to the messages & that the songs resonate with them. I hope the songs help get them through the day.

5. Lastly, What are your Christmas plans, and what can we expect in the new year? Any significant details on the upcoming release?

Christmas will be quiet. I usually don’t do anything crazy. I prefer it that way. I’m just going to spend it with family & friends. Cherish the moments with loved ones & get some rest. As far as 2022 goes. The plan is to continue to work this album. Rear View, the current single is getting some very good play on radio & streaming services. I will be working that track & then plan on releasing another 4 singles as of now. Not sure which order as of yet. I have some ideas in mind. I also have a few writing projects in store as well. I will be very busy next year. Busy is good! Thank you for having me. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy New year to your audience. I hope you all enjoy the album. Peace & love everyone. 🙂

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