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Makar – Love and Confusion | Upbeat Acoustic

Almost two decades ago, NYC-based artists Andrea DeAngelis and Mark Purnell formed the two-piece indie-rock band Makar. In 2005, the husband and wife-duo released their first album, ’99 Cent Dreams’ and they haven’t looked back since! Love and Confusion is the fourth track from their latest album Fancy Hercules – a slightly bizarre record that explores a wide range of themes such as depression, brain tumours and the meaning of time.

Their full-length albums showcase an exquisite blend of piano and guitar, reminiscent of classic rock from the 90s, and with their years of experience, Makar constantly delivers hopeful and melancholic stories through their songs.

You can’t tell me that the sky isn’t blue/Even though I know it’s true/You can’t tell me that the sky isn’t blue/This isn’t what I learned in school” – ‘Love and Confusion’ begins with an upbeat guitar progression that introduces the verse, along with a few bongo fillers. Andrea’s powerful vocals blend in well in two-part harmony over the somewhat unique blend of instruments.

Right from the start, there’s a very raw sound to the entire song, it almost sounds like a live recording and that makes the performance intimate and engaging. Additionally, their unique, poetic writing style paired with a powerful delivery play well in an atmosphere of playfulness and confusion on this track. – “I don’t know what to do/The sky is falling down”. With infectious melodies and hints of psychedelia, Makar’s lively performance here could easily get you on your toes!

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