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Roses In Hand – Paradise | Full of Good Vibes

Roses In Hand, a duet formed by Jess and Sam, has released their debut track ” Paradise,” which is a smash hit. The song has a lot of energy in it. The atmosphere is lively and cheery, making you feel released and unbound. The songwriting is really catchy, and the infectious chorus has an affect on you; you can’t stop humming long after the song has ended. The song’s after effects are quite spectacular. The mood shifts from gloomy to joyful. The voice tone is really pleasant, with a laid-back attitude that entices you to simply go wild leaping around to the tune. As the song proceeds, the heartbeat never slows. You just had to keep grooving because it struck you hard enough.

The production’s electro pop aspects are simply outstanding. The song’s arc has such an ideal rise and dip that it creates a narrative structure. The drum, bass, and rhythmic synthetic tones blend together so effectively that you’ll find yourself addicted to the music. The plucks are quite appealing. Overall, the track has succeeded in creating a warm and amicable environment. The quality of the production is undeniably exceptional. I am convinced that this tune would do well in clubs, since it contains all of the necessary elements to sway any audience. The song would be loved by renowned producers since the ingredients sound so much in conjunction with the music, which, aside from being peppy, also stokes you emotionally.

Check out what Jess and Sam from the Roses In Hand have to say about their song Paradise. They kindly share such behind-the-scenes stories that are both entertaining and insightful.

1. Please elaborate on how you came up with the song’s idea. What indicators are most likely to have contributed to the song’s conception?

Jess: I originally came up with the chorus while I was driving! I immediately called Sam and went home to work on it. Sam was in another state, and I video called him, showing him my idea and asked him to help me produce the demo. We wrote the rest of the song that night. It’s about being thankful, yet still feeling unworthy.

Sam: Jess called me in the car on her way home from a long trip. She said, “I’ve got this really great song idea in my head, and I need you to help me”. So we worked out how to do it online, 3 hours apart. It was super hooky to begin with, and Jess was definitely on to something! 

2. Was it a lot of fun to record the song, or was it a bit of a challenge? Tell us about your recording experience.

Sam: It’s always fun to jump in our studio! We chose to do this one with our dear friend Bobby Kidd at So Loud it Hz Studios. We recorded a bunch of demos at home and tried different styles. There must be 150 different versions of this song that no one will ever hear! It’s always fun spending time in the studio, and we’re looking forward to pushing more out soon. I’m really excited that Paradise is now out for everyone to hear!

Jess: It was a lot of fun! However, a long process. I went back to vocal lessons just to hit notes I wanted to reach and to focus on my vocal delivery for the recording process. It’s always a fun challenge. 

3. What was the production process like? I can see several intriguing aspects being blended so elegantly, is there anything special you’d like to share that you had joy producing?

Jess:  Our good friend Bobby Kidd produced the song – we gave it to him like “go for your life, we need the energy!”. He would send us videos of his process, and we would come in and give suggestions. The mixing and mastering was more time heavy – we’re pretty particular, and the process went back and forth between Sam and Bobby for the mixing, and Sam and our friend Mark Lenzo for the mastering. We’re very lucky to have such a patient and understanding team!

Sam: We presented about 6 different songs to our producer Bobby Kidd – and he really loved this track. All the while being quite particular in what our aim and what our sound would be, as Jess and I are live performers and have done thousands of shows. We wanted something high energy and layered – and that’s definitely what Paradise is. You’re hearing multiple melody lines with idiomatic percussive expressions and a shit tonne of Jess’s vocals! 

4. Christmas is almost near; how do you intend to spend the holidays? A good time to start writing a new song?

Jess:  It’s our first Christmas with our puppy Maverick who is on the cover image, so we’ll be spoiling him! Over the holiday period, we’re getting started on the recording of our next song and a few other sneaky things!

Sam: We’re always writing! Doesn’t matter what time of the year. We’re constantly working, and we feel 2022 will be the year to start the amalgamation of the songs we feel will touch people in one way or another. Mostly going to be spending time in my infinity pool and Lamborghini. I can’t really back that up though…

5. Is there anything specific you’d like to mention about the record to the fans?

Sam: Make sure you listen to it more than once – and with good headphones! There is multiple lines and different takes in each section. The more you listen – the more you’ll find. It was very cleverly put together, so you could listen to the song over and over again. Pump the jam. 

Jess: If you’re needing a pick-me-up over the holiday period, this song will definitely do that! There are so many hidden elements in the song, and you’ll hear something new each time you listen. 
The song is about finding your worth and being worthy of your paradise – in whatever form that may be. 

We also would love to know what everyone’s personal “Paradise” is! 
A place, a person, or a thing. Use our song, and feel free to tag us in any photos or videos using #rosesinparadise

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