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Snap Infraction-Repeat Offender
Snap Infraction-Repeat Offender
Snap Infraction-Repeat Offender

Snap Infraction-Repeat Offender | Zippy

Remember those years when classic bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival & Blue Oyster Cult were king? They might have not topped the chart for several weeks in a row, but they made some great tracks. Snap Infraction are back with another single in an eventful year for them. Repeat Offender is ready to drill in like the earworm it is.

I reviewed their track Memories of Ourselves earlier this year. The juvenile piece I wrote tried too hard to be an arrogant, conceited writer. I’m proud to tell you, I’m still the same, so is Snap Infraction. They rock out once again with a cool lick that rallies for the duration of the verse. The Bowie essence in the voice can be heard in many parts, especially the Hunky Dory album.

The chorus is a simple couple of lines with light harmonics grazing through the background. It’s important to note, as I said prophetically in my last written piece about them that they’ll never overcomplicate. They have lived up to that prophecy I fabricated for them, and I hope I live up to theirs by being honestly proud by the great music they produce. The sound change at [SPOILER] moment in the song is worth waiting for, and its just something that helps tie the track together.

Also to be added, a brilliant double A side track, We Both Believe. Listen to both together and feign boredom if you can listening to the widely diverse sounds they are putting out together.

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