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Satre-Lonely nights
Satre-Lonely nights
Satre-Lonely nights

Satre-Lonely nights | Unreal Vibes

At first glance, Satre might look like Marshmello. Looks can be deceiving though, Satre has a completely different sound. Merging a massive mood board of sounds to create a rich composition, Lonely nights is his latest endeavor. You might recognize his music from the hit single, The Beginning. Now he is far from there, ready to explore a new world.

Lonely nights uses a smooth clean guitar riff with modified lo-fi beats. I’m particularly not into lo-fi, but Satre manages to change the very soul of the song with applying only the beat to it. The vocals condense around this instrumental created, wrapping each element of the lyrics to create a passionate song with prolific vibes.

Channeling this same energy, the rest of the song contains the powerful drops of dance bass, while the melodic vocals continue to dominate. Satre seems to have developed quite an edge for this style, heard in Alone, Best Friend and other tracks that don’t allow the instrumentals to dominate and collect into a cesspool of beats that take meaning away. These are complements to the essence of the song, which has been carefully curated for you to truly enjoy.

Prepared by the exploratory nature of his music making, we can expect a lot more from Satre in the coming months hopefully. Till then, enjoy Lonely nights:

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