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Paul Cafcae – Every Day is Christmas | Discovering Joy in Solo Christmas

Every Day is Christmas” is a cheerful blues Christmas special song by singer-songwriter Paul Cafcae. The song is about being happy even though we are alone and unable to enjoy the holidays with our families. The song is about discovering personal satisfaction and delight when wandering solo. The song is really upbeat and stays that way throughout. The high-spirited mode will have you swaying to the blues rhythm. The vocal delivery is excellent, and it is complemented by fantastic saxophone melodies that successfully fill in the gaps. The joy is in the writing, which steers you away from the usual Christmas outlook and instead praises personal happiness, giving us a fresh perspective.

The arrangement is loaded with a variety of fascinating instruments that cover the whole frequency spectrum. The guitars and saxophone blend together so nicely that they offer melodic depth while also maintaining the bright, happy tones. The drums and percussion keep the rhythm interesting, while the bass rounds out the mix and makes it comprehensive and funky. The guitar solo is surely something that will catch your attention; it is a fantastic solo. In brief overview, the mood is really inviting, which will help the song to attract listeners and keep them playing the music on repeat. The performances have the proper dynamics to give you a live experience, and the band sounds really well-coordinated, which is a joy to listen to.

Let’s learn more about the song from Paul Cafcae, who wonderfully expressed his inspiration for it and also offered some fascinating details about the recording process.

1. The song is brimming with joy. What was it that prompted you to scribble down the cheerful notes?

As it often is, the melody just appeared in my head as pieces, and they stringed themselves together after a bit of time. All I had to do is Sit down and write out the lyrics. I think, generally, holiday tunes are either cheerful and gleeful – the party kind, – or they are melancholic and warm, as if you are just chilling by the fireplace. I always lean towards the former!

2. Tell us about the arrangement. Was that something you performed on the spur of the moment or did you think about each layer of instruments?

Well the arrangement is all thanks to my band and the producer, Christian Anderson. We started it off with a standard three-piece rockabilly song, – guitar, upright bass and drums. But Christian brought in more percussion, – rattlers, hand claps, tambourine, sleigh bells and so on. When we listened to the final version we all agreed that it needed some saxophones to complete the sound, and so Alison Young came onboard to add some of those – baritone and tenor, I believe. In the end, I wanted this song to sound like something that can work all year round, not just at the end of the year, because technically the story of the song can happen any month, and one can get a Christmasy feeling of relief any time!

3. What are your plans for Christmas this year? You’ve already given us a beautiful present in the form of a song.

Aw, thank you very much! It’s a great pleasure to give these types of gifts! As far as Christmas, I don’t have any unusual plans – turkey, mashed potatoes, some chill time as usual. Hoping for some snow during the holidays this year, so I can take some nice. inspiring walks!

4. Is there anything you’d want to emphasise to the listeners about the song?

Well, this is a slightly different take on the Christmas tradition. I know a lot of people who are single by choice and often feel left out around the “holiday season.” So I hope this provides support to those who don’t conform to the traditional “family” spirit of Christmas, and I hope I encourage the listeners to celebrate introspection and personal happiness of a single person. 

5. What’s in store for the coming year? Would you like to share any details about the upcoming songs?

I will continue working on the songs, as much as I can. I have many ideas, and there are many topics that I want to continue to talk about – mental health, acceptance, the path we are taking as a society. For 2022 I am aiming for at least 4 new singles, one for every quarter. I am hoping to work more with Christian and my band, Ethan and Riley, and if the virus allows, I am hoping to play live shows and maybe even make a live album!

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