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Maria Angeli - Anyhow
Maria Angeli - Anyhow

Maria Angeli – Anyhow | Evocative

Maria Angeli was born in Rome into a family of renowned artists and film-makers, and she was destined for a life of art and music from an early age, which she fully immersed herself in by training in the best performing schools in Rome and London, where she moved at the age of seventeen. With the release of her newest album Anyhow, Maria Angeli is making her way to the top of the pop charts. With evocative lyrics, beautiful instrumentals and seductive vocals, Anyhow is an introspective journey you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Consisting of 8 songs and a 28-minute run-time, Angeli’s curation of her album is impeccable. It is arranged and produced by Andrea Filippucci with the participation of Francesco de Palma for the song “Caught up in a Rush”, Alessandro Omiciuolo, Layer Bows, Filippo de Laura and with mixing and mastering by Eugenio Vatta.

The album begins with the title track, Anyhow, which starts off with the sounds of an acoustic guitar that sets the tone for the entire album. This guitar riff continues throughout the song and gives way to Maria’s seductive and bold vocals. With a range similar to that of Adele and Sade, Angeli’s vocals are the real hero of this album. Flowing from soft to bold to melancholic, Maria represents what it means to be vocally dynamic. The second song on the album is called Fade Out, which highlights this sinusoidal essence of her music.

The next song, Caught up In a Rush, has a new age hip-hop/pop beat vibe with a seductive aura to it. It radiates this feeling of being caught up somewhere. The instrumentals flow in and out and create this atmosphere of anticipation.

When You’re Gone begins with a beautiful piano intro, which is complemented by Maria Angeli’s vocals. With this song we see a softer but succinct and dreamy side of her vocals. The instrumentals combined give of a very string quartet-dreamy romance vibe. The Reasons is a song that also begins with a sort of ominous piano intro that is accompanied by a more sombre vibe. This is a stark contrast to When You’re Gone and reminds me of tragic love ballads that would be sung for theatre. While these two songs deal with darker themes, they also have a tinge of hope that shines through the music, and it is very interesting to immerse yourself in it.

Piece of My Heart, is a fun and upbeat, unplugged ballad that you can just groove to. Sticking true to the idea of pop ballads, Piece of My Heart is melancholic, groovy and has tinges of cheerfulness to it.

Un Velo ( A Veil), is dedicated to Maria Angeli’s father, the Italian artist Franco Angeli. This Italian pop-ballad is sentimental and makes you feel the love that is communicated through the song. Throughout this album, we see various symbols of Angeli’s father’s work come through like Easter eggs of tribute. The album ends with the song Bette Davis, which is the second and unedited collaboration with Andrea de Sica. This track was also used in the Netflix series, “Baby.”

Anyhow, is an album that delves into themes of loneliness, loss and melancholy without actually making you feel that way. Maria Angeli’s voice acts as sort of comfort and the music leaves you with a sense of hope. Maria leans toward melodic pop alternative, luring us in with her seductive voice, bringing us shards of love, autobiographical experiences, and introspective atmospheres where she carefully reveals a life journey, with distant memories and stories from the past. All of this culminates in a trilogy of videos conceived as short art films, the first of which is “Caught up in a Rush,” which features previously unreleased materials and Matteo Zenini’s careful direction, confirming the inextricable link between art and music that recognizes Maria Angeli’s seasoned talent, making her a profound and unforgettable artist.

Don’t miss out on this album.

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