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The Lowtones - Breaking Out
The Lowtones - Breaking Out

The Lowtones – Breaking Out | Riot

Breaking Out is the latest release from The Lowtones, a Norwich, UK-based four-member alternative rock band. The very first haunting guitar riff of this track takes you to the post-punk times. This is no wonder, the band credits The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cure, and others with inspiring them. A song about resisting and breaking out of shackles, the song has that pure teenage angsty sort of energy. Furthermore, its light-footed beat circles back and forth, suggesting the mental state that frames this number.

The Lowtones was formed quite recently, only in February 2020. In this short span, the band has garnered everyone’s attention. I often say that there is a romantic reminiscence in the sound of the up-and-coming Rock bands of the UK. The Lowtones have that same passionate roar that has my attention. 

The grungy vocals features on Breaking Out belong to Oli ‘Mav’ Mavilio. Further, it features Jack Abbott on the guitar and his brother George Abbott on the drums, alongside Tim Cary on the bass. The band consists of childhood friends, so it is easy to imagine how they find a cohesive sound. I caught up with them to learn more about them and their music, and here is how the conversation went.

In Conversation with The Lowtones

Ques. Coming together in only 2020, you are a relatively young band. Tell us about yourself! 

We are a post-punk band from the fine city of Norwich. Two brothers, three school friends, two football teammates, four Lowtones. Me (Jack) and George are brothers and we met Mav at high school. We’d played music together a few times over the years. However, we never in any formal/organized way before Mav left Norwich to go to Uni in Brighton about 5 or 6 years ago. George met Tim playing football and me (Jack), George and Tim started playing together just for fun about 3 years ago.

It was only when Mav came back to Norwich at the beginning of 2020 that we started getting ourselves organized and writing properly. Since then it’s really built momentum. Despite the pandemic and the various lockdowns and restrictions we have written a tonne of songs. We have recorded about half of them, and even managed to play a few shows this year.

That signature sound

Ques. How would you describe your sound to a new listener being introduced to you?

The best sound you’ve ever heard… I’d say the key to our sound is urgency. We have a real driven energy about our songs. And I think this really comes across in our live shows and on our recordings. We also lean into the juxtaposition between upbeat music, and quite downcast lyrics. I’d say that is something bands like The Cure and The Smiths do/did really well.

The best way I could describe our sound would be a mix between the post-punk bands of the ’80s, and the indie bands of the early 00’s. Think The Smiths meet Interpol and have a baby in 2021.

Post-punk energy

Ques. There’s punk energy and passion in the song Breaking Out. Where did that come from?

This track is essentially about feeling trapped and suffocated by a situation that you don’t want to be a part of. It’s intended to carry an uplifting message of escape and overcoming something. The tempo and duration of the track really add intensity to the vibe.

In that way, it’s about taking the decision to take the leap and make a change. It is the sound of a weight coming off your shoulders.

Overall, I think our punk energy/sound comes from the general frustrations of being young men in their 20’s/30’s, living in a provincial part of the country. The petty pressures and mundanity of life, work, paying rent, trying to be happy, dealing with the increased anxiety in the world right now, etc., and the feeling of wanting to release some energy and vent.

The inspiration

Ques. There is a vintage feeling to this track, I’d say, mostly thanks to the organ used. Can you talk a little bit about where did the sonic influences come from?

We all love post-punk music from the late 70’s up to the modern day. Bands like Joy Division, The Cure, Depeche Mode (and all the others) have influenced us heavily. The producer of this track (Gavin Bowers at Catch21 Records) is also very much into guitar bands from that era so it was a very natural thing really. We didn’t have to think about it too hard, it just happened organically.

I also think it is a response to the way we see the current state of modern mainstream music. Further, there has been this big move towards very (in our opinion) insipid, wishy-washy pop music which is influenced by hiphop/rap scene from the States… but without any of the power, character, or substance. It’s very ‘cookie-cutter’ and there are so many artists in very similar molds. I think the music scene is crying out for more artists/bands to bring back a bit of oomph and guts. And I think that is partly why we have been so influenced by that vintage sound. That said there are some great bands about today, just not enough of them.

The next chapter for The Lowtones

Ques. Huge congratulations on an amazing song and a fabulous release. What should we be expecting from The Lowtines next?

Ah, you’re just saying that ‘cos it’s true! No in all seriousness, thank you very much for the kind words and the support. Well, this is the first track we recorded in the studio with Gav back in the summer. All our previous recordings were done by ourselves (which was an experience). We’ve been in the studio recently, putting the final touches to a 5-track EP that we will be out in February 2022 .

Breaking Out’ really is a bit of a bonus ‘taster’ track for the EP. It didn’t quite fit the vibe of the EP but we were really pleased with how it came out. And so wanted to put it out into the world. If you like this, you are going to love what’s coming next year! We’ll be playing as many shows as we can in support of the release next year. And hopefully, we’ll be able to garner some attention for ourselves and the city of Norwich.

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