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TATE SEDAR – Heaven | Uplifting Dance Banger

Vibing to Progressive house in a lively club on the weekend is a feeling like no other. Once you let go and let the uplifting music in, you get so absorbed by the beat that sometimes it’s overwhelming! San Francisco-born EDM artist TATE SEDAR takes you on that journey with his new dance track titled ‘Heaven’. Packed with powerful beats, basses and banging drops, the track is both melodic and energetic ­– a masterful blend of eccentric sounds.

The track begins with an array of pitch-shifted, vocoder-like vocals over a deep pulsating kick and a synth bass in the verse. As the track progresses, TATE builds just the right amount of tension with sultry vocals and the developing rhythm – a perfect lead-up for the satisfying drops. Additionally, the chorus melody is quite addictive, it’s one of those tunes you can’t get out of your head! The simple melody works wonders with the beat and it’ll surely have you singing along by the end of the track!

– “You look like heaven / And I wanna go there / You look like heaven / And it’s just not fair / You look like heaven In your underwear / Yeah, yeah / If this is what it’s like / Then I could get used to heaven.”

‘Heaven’ is one of those golden club tracks that you could have on repeat for days! A track that will easily get you jumping and your head-banging. With strong beats, infectious hooks and tasteful transitions, TATE hasn’t left anything to chance on this intricately produced banger of a record!

Renowned for his hard-hitting EDM remixes and EDC Virtual Rave-a-thon performance, TATE has opened for artists such as Don Diablo, Cash Cash, Wolfgang Garner, DallasK and Henry Fong. He learned to produce at the young age of 11 and hasn’t turned back since! His extravagant mixes stand out from the mainstream music we hear every day and I think that’s what will resonate with the audience the most.

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