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Pekky Savan - The 5th of July
Pekky Savan - The 5th of July

Pekky Savan – The 5th of July | Ambient Indie

Pekky Savan is a Brooklyn-based singer with flair. Pekky is influenced heavily by the likes ofThe Smashing Pumpkins and Queen. Having released music since 2018, Pekky Savan has built quite the repertoire with her music. Her single, Glad I Found You amassed over eleven thousand streams on Spotify and she is back with yet another banger.

The 5th of July is an ambient track that will soothe you to the sound of brilliant synths. The beat is rather interesting with a bold choice on the drums. However, bold choices pay off with how beautiful it sounds in the mix. Pekky Savan has an amazing voice with the songwriting ability of a natural. The piano sounds absolutely delightful on its own as well as in the general mix. I think my favourite part has to be the bridge with this interesting guitar-sounding instrument that bends beautifully. The ambient atmosphere is so uplifting and makes you feel safe and comfortable at all times. Additionally, I think her ability to create a blanket using the synth as an ambient atmosphere shows a significant amount of expertise.

I really enjoy this take on Bedroom Pop. It’s a rather interesting track on its own and fits perfectly into a larger genre. I think Pekky has a lot to offer the music industry and she’s an absolute gem of an artist. I would keep an eye out for her if I were you!

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