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bb green just like an angel
bb green just like an angel

BB. Green – Just Like an Angel | Romantic

A British singer from Manchester, BB Green is a proficient drummer looking to make waves with his recent single, “Just Like An Angel”.

The whole of the song has a quintessentially British feel to it, one that feels rather nuanced to describe at first. It is an ode to a lover, a celebration of joy, a catchy radio number all rolled into one, coupled with innovative songwriting and arrangement, all coupled into one.

The song starts of somber and slow, with an elaborate section that lets the vocals take center stage. The build of energy is sweet and slow, before it meets its confluence at a peppy backbeat pattern that sounds distinctive, Green’s drumming prowess shining through here.

The entirety of the song is filled with melodious harmony, with Green’s natural accent lending the song that much more flair– with the clean guitar in the back supporting and holding the act together rather well. There are no places in the song that feel rushed; an important aspect of a good song being organicity.

The instrumentation chosen here is tasteful, not overdone; the accompaniments fulfilling their role beautifully; giving the voice ultimate sway over the song. There also is a good host of small easter eggs hidden throughout the song, with a catchy-yet-slow bridge section that fits perfectly.

The mix sounds full and moody, with the right emotion points being hit- all the processing done sounds tasteful, and the instrumentation goes to show just how much one can establish with a relatively simple repertoire.

In conclusion, I think “Just Like An Angel” is definitely worth a listen, and will keep you entertained for long. Check out the song here!

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