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Kissing on K | KOA | Adderall | Pop | Hip-hop
Kissing on K | KOA | Adderall | Pop | Hip-hop

KOA – Kissing on K | Adderall

“Brothers from arizona that grew up taking adderall to function. our parents are divorced.” What a way to describe themselves. In just one sentence I can understand so much about where the music comes from. KOA’s music is for when you’re extremely faded. Pumping goosebumps and chills into your face while making you move like a zombie.

Kissing on K has a sad-boy aesthetic like Yung Lean but with slight pop elements. The style of music is very easy to replicate and there are so many artists that sound exactly like this today. What makes KOA stand out is the slightly more complex arrangement and melodies. Paraphrasing Drake, ‘it isn’t about who does it first, it’s about who does it right’. KOA mutters their version through a sonic fog, the words ash-choked and made into their own. KOA deserves a lot of credit for being able to dive into a road often taken and still add their magic to it.

That use of melody as a vehicle for style as well as expression is an asset in an era where rappers often sing just to emote and singers often rap just to flex. The percussions goes hard in this track and KOA sounds like a Lil UIzi and Yung Lean collab. The production is surprisingly good and the hook is really catchy. Theres a section where there is a pitch bend on the vocals that acts as the perfect way to slowly end the track, without suddenly cutting of the listeners supply of this painkiller.

KOA recreates life on Adderall, slowed down and filled with a lazy pleasure. Kissing on K is a solid release that marks the prowess of KOA in this genre.

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