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Jennalyn - BLADE
Jennalyn - BLADE

Jennalyn – BLADE | Experiential

Jennalyn is a singer-songwriter, model, film producer and actress from Los Angeles. Having witnessed a great deal in her life, Jennalyn moved from Seattle in order to pursue her dreams. She has released music independently and now seeks to make it where the likes of Nirvana and Alice In Chains have. She has just released her debut EP, Blade. With a run time of just shy of twenty minutes and six songs, this EP is a stepping stone to larger things for Jennalyn.

Kicking off the EP with Cruel. This track starts rather abruptly but makes its way into a rather groovy beat. Moreover, the melancholia really seeps through and you can feel exactly what you’re listening to. It feels like an introspective track that seeks to understand how we manage our own deviancies. Cruel is a pretty self-aware track that seems to answer the questions it poses itself. It’s a rather interesting take on the good and bad in humanity.

The next track, Famous, does something similar with the melancholic nature of the track. The atmosphere feels very heavy with the synth and cloudiness. However, this does the trick to create that fog in the listener’s mind. Jennalyn’s voice is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of artists like Lana Del Rey, post-Disney Miley Cyrus and Adele. This track kind of encapsulates the idea of fame as the title would suggest.

Moving on to Villain. Much like the other tracks on this EP, Villain is quite introspective. However, the pace is picked up significantly. This sounds like a more Electro-Pop kind of track with upbeat textures and percussions. Jennalyn shows a lot more of her vocal control in this track with her slightly complex melody lines. This track seems kinda provocative, but it comes from a self-sustaining place, I suppose.

The next track on the EP, Run, goes back to the deep, grittier texture. It’s a track that seems to create a dissonance between the liminal and the subliminal. The instrumental seems a lot darker than the track actually is. Moreover, it feels like a very liberating track. Something that helps empower yourself. Moreover, it kind of reminds me of Lorde’s latest album. Honestly, it’s probably my favourite track off of this EP.

These Lights is the second last track on the EP. It seems to take the dark turn again, with pain, agony and tragedy emerging as themes. However, Jennalyn does what she does best and makes the best of the situation. It’s really admirable to see and hear someone share hard experiences and come out stronger from them. That being said, it is no small feat and there’s nothing that can take away from that.

The final track on the EP is Antifragile. This track slows everything down and fills the atmosphere with a lonely piano and full, rich vocals from Jennalyn. Additionally, this track seems to take things on a different level, and much like Run, it takes a more positive note on the experience. I really enjoy these tracks mostly because the track doesn’t feel all that heavy and it’s just a personal preference. However, the entire EP is pretty solid from start to finish.

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