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Johan Glidden – Everything I Had | Christian Pop Americana

Arizona-based singer-songwriter, Johan Glidden is best known for his emotive and heartfelt acoustic tracks that talk about his love for Christ and experiences with life. Having released a full-length album and a constant stream of singles and EP’s since early 2020, the artist has been making waves in the Christian Pop Americana scene for quite some time now. His latest release, ‘Everything I Had’ is a nostalgic Christmas tale that’s both heartwarming and soothing. With his delicate vocals and engaging composition style, Johan shares a mellow yet uplifting sound on this track.

The track begins with Johan’s vocals over a soft acoustic guitar progression in a very intimate space. “It’s starting to feel like winter / Can it be December? / I’m watching the fall surrender to the cold” – In a soothing, conversational tone, Johan begins his story, describing the days where he had everything he ever wanted. Life sometimes brings back fond memories of simpler times when you felt happier. Johan touches on this from his memory of spending Christmas with his family – the merry, magic days of the holidays.

As the track progresses, A soft drum rhythm drives the groove along with subtle keyboard melodies that support the vocals. It’s great how the track plays really smoothly throughout with flawless transitions and dynamic verses. A solid production and a very absorbing vocal performance. Additionally, the song has a powerful bridge section that allows for an impactful final chorus. The hook melody is quite catchy as well – infectious and appealing!

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