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David Gould – Just One Day | Christmas in the lockdown

Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter/producer, David Gould is out with another classic guitar-driven, acoustic track called ‘Just One Day’. Both melancholic and Christmassy, the song plays as an ode to the days spent in lockdown during the holidays. Inspired by vintage acoustic tracks that feature soft instrumentation and raw vocals, Gould shares a message of hope and optimism on his latest release through an honest, heart-felt story.

Oh well, I guess there’s no need to tell / The year’s been held / And we’re all praying for it to end”.

The track starts with melodic sleigh bells, mellow pianos and a gentle drum rhythm. Gould gets the listener acquainted with the dim, desolate mood of the lockdown in the first few lines and shares his introspective journey of coping with the period of isolation. As the track progresses, strings accompany the chorus melody, adding more depth to his emotive singing in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. 

Through smooth and simple transitions, the song flows through the verses, featuring a mellow instrumental bridge that enhances the impact of the vibrant final chorus. Gould’s songwriting skills shine through along with his natural singing voice; a great composition and a top-notch production!

Interview with David Gould

  • Q1 – ‘Just One Day’ is five-minute-long orchestral journey through captivating melodies lush atmospheres. With its relatable lyrics, it seems like a song that has it all! What inspired you to write this track? 

Well thank you for the kind words. I wrote it in the depths of lockdown in the winter of 2020. Due to the restrictions of the time I wasn’t going to see family or friends at Christmas, so I decided to write a musical gift. I sent it to a few people without intending to release it. However, my family encouraged me to do so this year, and here we are.

  • Q2 – If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist in the world on this track, who would you choose and why?

Well, on this track I got to collaborate with a good producer friend of mine called Matt that goes by the Instagram tag @produca.exe. He helped me realise the vintage sound that I was after. When we’re stuck or uninspired we have a little mantra “What Would Macca Do?” to help us along. So I guess Paul McCartney is the real answer – he certainly knows a thing or two about Christmas tunes!

  • Q3 – What would you like listeners to take away from ‘Just One Day’?

That things can get dark and tough, but it will turn out OK in the end. 

  • Q4 – With a few live songs in your discography, you must have a lot of experience as a touring artist as well as a live performer. What could you share with our readers about your experience so far?

I’ve been lucky enough to play in many places from New York to Tel Aviv, but maybe one of my favourite gigs I had the pleasure of recording directly from the PA system. This ‘Bunker Bootleg’ is a snapshot of part of a three day residency in Amsterdam’s Vondelbunker, one of best underground spaces in the city. There was an art gallery organised by my friend Regina who invited me to play songs and a soundscape, most of which you can hear on your streaming service of choice. Is it the best recording ever made? No. But it’s a great snapshot of my art at the time, and comes with some great memories. 

  • Q5 – According to your Spotify bio you write, produce, sing and play all the instruments in your songs! How do you start writing a song? What tips do you have for musicians who are just starting out?

Yes I do write and play everything, with the occasional help on production and mastering. I usually start by playing my guitar and trying to get in “the zone”, where you’re not actively thinking about the music, but just exploring. At some point you will stumble across half an idea that inspires you, and then you can turn your brain back on to structure it into a song. My advice to those starting out is to study your art. Understand your instrument and learn some music theory so that when the moment of inspiration strikes you’ll know how to turn your ideas into reality. 

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