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15th Bend-Distance
15th Bend-Distance
15th Bend-Distance

15th Bend-Distance | Cinematic

For a young artist that has just begun their foray into music, 15th Bend is an impressive leap. From just March 2020, 15th Bend has released several singles that tackle emotions and moments with musical breakdowns. Instrumental in nature, they are a pivotal move for the artist that wants to create. This is his single, Distance.

Using a cinematic sequence of chords that set forth abstract images of vast space, Distance takes time to understand. As the background is fairly simple, several layers come together for a dense soundboard. Clean guitar leads take over to profess the emotion that guides the hand. Distance is an impressive and simple piece of art that says in no words, even what is complex can be simple.

This approach and intent is clear in his other pieces as well. Wish, Loss & Ignite, each take the root source of the word and the intangible behind it. It is then melodically reproduced into this rich instrumental we get to hear as a result. Songs like Distance are a popular approach to melody, though the bare stripped nature of the songs can sometimes reveal wider gaps in the composition. 15th Bend has managed to close this gap with persevered effort and a dream that can go the distance.

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