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Matt Burke – Whiskey Christmas | Comforting

Matt Burke, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, just released “Whiskey Christmas,” a Christmas-themed tune. In his writing, he brilliantly recounts how he intends to commemorate this special time of year. The songwriting is able to evoke in the listener’s mind what the writer is attempting to achieve. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. As a listener, the music gets you enthusiastic for the month ahead while also calming you down. The pleasantness of the tune is what distinguishes the composition from other Christmas specials. Above all, the song contains lovely components from numerous genres, which are combined and adapted to simply assist express the narrative.

The highlight of the song is on the guitars, which brilliantly evoke a country vibe. The drums keep the rhythm going strong, and the music grows even warmer with the voices that surround the leads, which are really stunning. The vocal performance is strong yet laid-back, making the song feel just at home in the intended environment. It quickly transports you to the envisioned place. The song’s mood makes you feel happy and has such a wonderful energy that makes you enjoy the season. Overall, the song is quite pleasant to listen to, and I am confident that the listeners will enjoy it. Furthermore, the song has a wonderful surprise that simply enhances the whole ambiance.

We also have an interview with Matt Burke, in which he elegantly discusses his journey with the song and provides many other fascinating details.

1. To begin, please explain how you came up with the title “Whiskey Christmas”?

Every Christmas song paints a picture of a perfect, magical, Hallmark holiday season where nothing goes wrong and everything is peaceful and bright – my Christmases tend to be a bit more dysfunctional. So I’ve had the idea in my head for a while now to write a darker Christmas song – one that touches on the frustrations of the holidays. I didn’t want it to be DARK though, I wanted it to be a bit lighthearted as well – and that’s when it occurred to me that WHISKEY is always something that helps me get through the season. Whiskey + Christmas = there ya’ go.

2. The song’s vibe was perfect for me. What was the writing, arranging, and recording process like?

This was a really fun one! My buddy Joe Bizelli and I wrote this song only two months ago and I knew I wanted to rush to get it out by the day after Thanksgiving. So my producer (Jason Bobo, 8080 Studios) and I put everything else on hold and worked exclusively on the production of this track for about a month straight. This is by far the fastest I have ever turned a song around from concept to release! Jason and I put the track together and brought in Dakota Holden on pedal steel and Danielle Beu on background vocals and that really tied it all together.

3. I’m very interested in the choir arrangements; could you maybe explain what went into creating these layers?

” I’m glad you appreciate those vocals! We brought in Danielle Beu (The Beu Sisters) to layer those vocals over the course of a 4 hour session at the studio and she absolutely crushed it. We set her up in front of a mic, poured her a big bourbon, and started having her experiment with different textures and layers. I think she nailed that old-school Christmas vibe! And I absolutely love how all of her vocals turned out – Christmassy AF. “

4. What has been your favourite aspect of the Christmas season thus far? What are your plans for the holiday season?

” The weather just got cold in Nashville, so it’s nice to have a fire in the fireplace again. I’m picking up my tree on Friday and watching Nightmare Before Christmas while I decorate it so things should start feeling REALLY festive by then. Oh and don’t worry – there will be plenty of whiskey involved. “

5. What can fans look forward to after the holidays? Is there anything set in stone?

” Absolutely – I’m planning on dropping an EP in February: this will be the first physical album I’ve released since moving to Nashville two years ago. I’ve written SO MUCH material since moving here that I’ve got a lot of different ideas for how to put them together into different packages. I’m working on an awesome 90’s country cover song that will be included on the February EP, and we’ve got a couple of concept album ideas we’re developing as well. We’ve also got some exciting shows in the works for the Winter and early Spring – 2022 is going to be an amazing year! ” 

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