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In the Shallows-There You Are
In the Shallows-There You Are
In the Shallows-There You Are

In the Shallows-There You Are | Joyous

There’s no time like now to hunt for optimism. When everyone is lingering around generally with a “this sucks” attitude, In the Shallows let themselves in with their essentially good aura. This time, its a single called There You Are, a smooth, simple melody with the power of a smile.

Opening with a very ABBA like sound of a harmonizing chorus, In the Shallows always make sure their melody is simple yet foolproof. You can not only understand the sentiment behind the song, but if you’re as good at execution as them, heck, join in to sing. Danni Parsons & Lance Shepherd play their designated roles and more as fantastic songwriters, and the melody like I mentioned earlier, is airtight. There You Are is a summation of joy and happiness, an exasperation of delight.

I visualize it as seeing something that can make my day. It’s my family, all happy and content, and that’s what keeps me warm inside. The warmth of the acoustic complements Danni’s vocals and Lance plays off that temperament perfectly. Let’s Not Start A War was their previous single this year, and it’s just that peace message being heralded when we need it most. The chorus is so addictive and relatable, I cannot get it out of my head. Decide for yourself.

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