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Michael Girgis – always, summer | Summer Love

While this year’s summer may be over, the laid-back beachy tunes don’t seem to stop coming in! We are now in the middle of December and it doesn’t look like people are ready to let go of the beer and sunshine vibe. Singer-songwriter Michael Girgis takes you back to the vacation season with his latest EP – ‘always, summer’, a collection of five modern-pop songs that capture his ecstatic summer of love. Featuring infectious melodies, solid rhythms and colourful instrumentation, these songs are bound to get you smiling and keep you engaged till the very end!

EP tracklist

‘always, summer’ is introduced with a catchy bass and guitar-driven track called one touch. The LA-based singer’s playful vocal delivery and feel-good lyrics shine through the mix extravagantly, especially in the choruses. I really like how the opening track of the EP features an appealing melody that you can’t shake off your head – a great way to drum up interest and to introduce listeners to the record’s sound!

It’s funny how we often run after material things for instant gratification and ignore the ‘real’ things in life, like humility and love. On no hollywood, Michael sings about the simplicity of love by charmingly comparing a day with his significant other to the glamourous Hollywood life of fancy cars and designer clothes. – “We don’t need no Hollywood / Spending nights right beside you / That’s all I need / I don’t ever wanna be without you / Cause you’re everything

real thing begins strong with a powerful, wobbly bass and lush synth strings along with a tight electronic beat in the intro. Michael talks about a girl who’s tired of fake love and is looking for the ‘real thing’. Featuring vocalist/rapper Dannert, the track has somewhat melancholic verses and addicting chorus melodies. It’s great how the singer’s voices blend smoothly and complement one another on this track – a pleasure to listen to!

Most of the tracks so far are quite guitar-oriented and sound amazing, no doubt, but my favourite has to be s’mores. The mellow tone combined with the groovy progression makes for the perfect loop to be played over the initial four-on-the-floor drum beat. Michael’s layered vocals play over a soft synth in the pre-chorus as he reminisces about the late nights he’s always adored. Singer-songwriter Halle, known best for her 2018 single ‘You’, makes an appearance in the second verse with her powerful, soaring voice and paves the way for the extravagant final chorus and outro section. Make sure to listen to this one through to the very end!

The final track, blue eyes, is relatively shorter in length but showcases Michael’s chill, yet emotive signature sound in a very experimental way. Featuring unfamiliar chord changes and slightly detuned melodies, the track has touches of psychedelia that make it quite unique in comparison to the rest of the album. Layers of vocal harmonies play over a soft beat initially, creating a sort of hypnotic atmosphere and as the track progresses, an unexpected fast-paced beat change supports the final chorus. Maybe Michael is hinting at a genre change in his upcoming songs, or maybe he’s just having fun with this track, who knows?

Final Words

Having amassed over 200,000 Spotify streams, Michael Girgis is no stranger to the independent music scene. He has released a stream of well-received singles since early 2020 and continues to drop hard-hitting indie-pop tracks regularly. ‘always, summer’ is another amazing addition to his discography that showcases his vibrant, easy-to-listen signature sound so if you’re a fan of upbeat love songs, this is one EP you don’t want to miss out on!

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