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Horse Doctor-Playa
Horse Doctor-Playa
Horse Doctor-Playa

Horse Doctor-Playa | Thunder Crash

God, I miss those alt-rock intros. No care, no sense of the incoming rhythm, you could barely make anything out. Horse Doctor has a new single Playa, and it is no different. With all the sensibilities that made the 90’s a beer chugging, good time having haze, Playa wants you to forget your troubles and groove.

The loud, explosive entry is not all. That riff is addictive as hell, like listening to that opening from Scentless Apprentice by Nirvana. The beat and riff get stuck in your head, and that’s when we eventually get what the doctor ordered. The composition focuses on the chugging guitars and gruff vocals strained by the goodness of rock. The fills during the verse are what keep the manic monster alive in us.

There’s something else Horse Doctor does that really appeals to me. If you’ve got a song packed with rhythm and rich flavor, don’t muck it up by making it a long ordeal. I came here to enjoy a track, not get looped into your troubles. The short track is the creative output of a band with a sieve in the river of rock. They only want the gold, not that other stuff. Plenty energy, pure rock.

And no, in case you were wondering. They aren’t a one hit wonder. Test them out with their self titled EP and you will absorb energy you haven’t felt in a long time. Listen to Pious as well.

Have a healthy helping of Horse Doctor with Playa here:

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